Hardware and software to control 3D printers and CNC machines, such as routers, lathes and mills.



The Replicape is blazing fast. It runs on with a BeagleBone Black, with a 1GHz CPU and two 200MHz PRUs.

The Replicape is extremely versatile. Control up to five 2 amp stepper motors, two servos and four fans.

The Replicape is stealthly silent. Uses industry leading TMC 2100 stepper motor drivers, which have incredible low noise.

The Replicape is smart and connected. Interact with your printer via browser while simultaneously printing.


Looking to purchase? You can find the Replicape from ThingPrinter or at Seeed Studio.

Once you’ve purchased your Replicape and Beaglebone Black, you’re ready to get started! Check out the Getting Started guide.

Ecosystem Terminology

There are several different projects that contribute to this platform.

Replicape the hardware add-on to a BeagleBone Black that controls 3D printers and CNC machines

Redeem the software that communicates with the replicape and converts g-codes into motion

Umikaze the BeagleBone Black operating system which includes everything necessary for operation, based on Ubuntu

Kamikaze the predecessor to Umikaze, based on Debian

MagnaScreen a compact, high-definition touch screen

Toggle software to build interactive applications with MagnaScreen