Replicape is a high-end 3D-printer electronics package built on the BeagleBone Black platform. Similar to HATs on RaspberryPi or shields on Arduinos, capes sit on top of the single-board BeagleBone computer and act as a way of developing with and extending its capabilities. They use the two 48-pin BeagleBone headers.

With five high power and low noise stepper motors and cool running MosFets, it has been designed to fit in small spaces without active cooling or need for physical access to the board once installed. That means no potentiometers to trim or switches to flip.

Replicape is currently on revision B3. For documentation on previous version: Revision A.


Originally a Kickstarter Project, the Replicape can now be purchased from ThingPrinter or Seeed Studio.


Details on connecting the Replicape to 3D printer or other CNC machines can be found at Wiring in the Getting Started guide.

Tech Specs has additional information and specifications on the Replicape.

As Replicape - both hardware and software - is an open-source project, board design and schematics can be found on the Replicape Development page.